Gryphon Aero Club

Kemble's only independant not-for-profit flying club!

Learn to fly or continue a course of training with experienced, qualified and friendly instructors.

If you have your pilots licence already, share seats and trips with other club members. Grow your experience. Add new ratings.


Since flying resumed, post COVID-19 lockdowns, we've flown > 250 hours of training


Our PPL pass rate!


Outside of scheduled maintenance, we aim to provide 100% availability

Based at the Cotswold Airport - Kemble

First flying club in the UK to obtain an ATO approval from the CAA!

Gryphon Aero Club was set up purely for its members, so come and join as a student or to continue your PPL with the friendliest club around.

If you have your licence and want to spread your wings, gain an additional rating - join Gryphon Aero Club

You have your licence and ratings, you want to have fun and fly with other club members - we look forward to welcoming you to Gryphon Aero Club

Maintain your ratings, renewals and revalidations at Gryphon Aero Club

Renewal & Revalidation

Navigate CAA requirements and renew or revalidate your ratings with Gryphon Aero Club

Fast Track your PPL

Our friendly & experienced instructors are ready to help you get your wings, contact us for information

Don't fly alone

Flying should be fun, so fly with other club members, spread your wings and gain valuable experience

18/3/22 - Fuel Prices: due to the unprecedented rise in fuel costs, we have been forced to increase our hourly rates.

Club Membership

£125 per year
  • Access to Clubhouse
  • Access to PA28 G-AVYL
  • Social Functions
  • Organised Fly-Out's
  • Access to a world of aviation experience

PA28 Self Hire

£165 per hour
  • Self Hire for Members
  • PA28 Cherokee 180
  • VFR Aircraft
  • Includes Fuel

PA28 with Instructor

£195 per hour
  • includes one of our highly experienced instructors
  • PPL or IR(r)
  • Circuits Included

1 Hour Trial Lesson

£164 one Hour
  • A full 1 hour flying!
  • Instructor included
  • * only 1 trial lesson per person

Flying Experience

£264 full Day
  • Tour of Control Tower
  • Includes Tour of Air Salvage International
  • Includes Tour of Fire Station
  • A light lunch & refreshments
  • plus a full Trial lesson!

Our Flying Instructors

Across you will find GAC's flying instructors - we are lucky to have such a broad cross section of experience here at Gryphon Aero Club (GAC). From retired RAF pilots to retired commercial Captains - if you want to fly with the most experienced and patient instructors - look no further than GAC...

Kick start your pilot flight path...

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METAR Information


(click airport name to visit source)

251350Z 28013KT 240V310 9999 BKN032 18/10 Q1010
251320Z 27011KT 240V300 9999 SCT031 17/12 Q1010
251250Z 24009KT 210V280 9999 SCT018 BKN035 16/12 Q1010
251220Z 26007KT 230V300 9999 SCT016CB BKN021 16/13 Q1009
251150Z 22010KT 190V250 9999 VCSH BKN012 14/13 Q1009
251120Z 22007KT 170V250 9999 VCSH BKN015 14/12 Q1009

251058Z 2512/2612 26011KT 9999 SCT030 TEMPO 2512/2515 BKN012 PROB30 TEMPO 2512/2518 27015G25KT 8000 -SHRA BECMG 2521/2524 20009KT PROB30 TEMPO 2604/2606 7000 -RA BKN014 TEMPO 2609/2612 22015G25KT

Brize Norton

(click airport name to visit source)

251350Z 24009G19KT 9999 SCT023 BKN050 17/11 Q1011 BECMG SCT025 RMK WHT BECMG BLU
251320Z 25011G21KT 9999 FEW022 BKN027 17/12 Q1011 NOSIG RMK BLU BLU
251250Z 23009G19KT 9999 BKN016 BKN021 17/13 Q1011 NOSIG RMK WHT WHT
251222Z 23008KT 9999 7000E -RADZ SCT010 BKN017 15/13 Q1011 RERA REDZ TEMPO 3000 RADZ SCT015 RMK GRN TEMPO YLO1
251159Z 23009KT 9999 2000W RADZ BKN012 BKN021 15/12 Q1011 TEMPO 5000 -RADZ RMK YLO2 TEMPO GRN
251150Z 23011G23KT 9999 BKN012 BKN021 15/11 Q1011 TEMPO 7000 RA
251120Z 23009KT 9999 BKN014 BKN021 14/11 Q1011 TEMPO BKN020 RMK GRN TEMPO WHT

251330Z 2515/2615 26012KT 9999 BKN025 PROB30 TEMPO 2515/2517 27015G25KT 7000 SHRA SCT022 PROB30 TEMPO 2605/2615 SCT024


(click airport name to visit source)

251350Z AUTO 26022KT 9999 BKN009 BKN012 OVC041 14/12 Q1014
251320Z AUTO 25018G29KT 9999 BKN009 BKN012 OVC028 14/12 Q1013
251250Z AUTO 26018KT 9999 BKN006 OVC013 13/12 Q1013
251220Z 25018KT 9999 SCT006 BKN016 13/12 Q1013
251150Z 25017KT 9000 BKN004 13/12 Q1012
251120Z 25017KT 8000 -DZ FEW002 BKN004 13/12 Q1012

251101Z 2512/2612 26018G28KT 9999 SCT015 TEMPO 2512/2515 6000 -RA BKN008 PROB40 TEMPO 2512/2514 2000 RADZ BKN002 BECMG 2517/2520 25012KT TEMPO 2520/2608 BKN007 TEMPO 2608/2612 26016G26KT PROB40 TEMPO 2608/2612 BKN012


(click airport name to visit source)

251350Z AUTO 27017KT 9999 BKN009 BKN043 15/13 Q1014
251320Z 27018KT 9999 SCT008 BKN032 OVC039 15/13 Q1013
251250Z AUTO 27019KT 9999 SCT008 BKN032 OVC039 14/13 Q1013
251220Z AUTO 27017KT 9999 BKN008 BKN012 OVC030 14/13 Q1013
251150Z 26016KT 9999 BKN006 OVC013 14/13 Q1012
251120Z 26017G29KT 9000 -DZ OVC005 14/13 Q1012

251101Z 2512/2612 25020G30KT 9999 SCT018 TEMPO 2512/2514 6000 -RA BKN009 PROB30 TEMPO 2512/2513 3000 RADZ BKN003 BECMG 2517/2520 27014KT TEMPO 2520/2606 BKN008


(click airport name to visit source)

251350Z 28013KT 9999 BKN028 17/11 Q1015
251320Z 27014KT 240V310 9999 FEW020 BKN028 17/11 Q1015
251250Z 27013KT 240V300 9999 FEW016 BKN025 18/11 Q1014
251220Z 26013KT 220V290 9999 FEW011 SCT020 17/12 Q1014
251150Z 26013KT 240V300 9999 VCSH SCT011 BKN020 17/12 Q1014
251120Z 25012KT 8000 -DZ SCT011 BKN020 16/13 Q1014

251059Z 2512/2519 25009KT 9999 SCT015 PROB30 TEMPO 2512/2515 27015G28KT 8000 -SHRA BKN012